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Polku Profile Bank is a simple "search engine" for companies interested in hiring ex-Microsoft employees with specific skills and competence sets. At the same time it enables candidates to have more visibility for their LinkedIn profile amongst the companies which are interested in their specific competencies. As a recruiting company you can find suitable candidates with specific skills or competences with help of few generic or specific key words.
Polku Profile Bank

You can post your open positions to Polku Job Board

As part of the Polku-program we are offering a Job Board, where companies can advertise their open vacancies for ex-Microsoft talents. We are happy to post/advertise also your company┬┤s open positions there if you so wish. To get your advertisement published, please connect with . You may provide with them a direct link to your open position OR provide them the following details:

  • "New Post to Microsoft Polku Job Board"
    (please use this as a title in the email message):
  • Recruiting company
  • Job title/position
  • Location
  • Job description
  • Application period
  • Contact for more information
  • Guidance on how to apply

You can get benefits of recruiting Polku talents

Polku is offering free trainings for participants to match your needs. Participation for the trainings can happen also after new work has been started.

Pay subsidies for hiring ex-Microsoft employees: TE office has through the European Union special funding (EGR employment project) a possibility to offer pay subsidies for hiring ex-Microsoft employees. The employer can apply for the subsidy from the TE office, which will handle all the paperwork. The subsidy applies to all kinds of jobs, permanent or fixed term, full time or part time. In order to be eligible, the only requirement to the employee is to be unemployed and registered as a full time job seeker when the work starts. The amount of the subsidy varies person to person based on an individual assessment. The decision must be made in the TE office before the work starts. Tampere contact is Topi Pekkanen:

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Hire talents - Globally transferrable skills

Leadership and project professionals "I am thriving of living and breathing the latest gadgets, the market trends and what is really needed by customers. When analysis shows what successful product is made of, my focus turns into getting things done: Doing internal sales, planning external sales & marketing, leading teams to turn every stone, so that a sound product is done and delivered all the way from purchasing individual manufacturing components to the finished product available on store shelves. After that I will follow up the success of the product and take the learnings to next one. As simple as that."
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IT professionals "Continuous improvement is my passion. I enjoy helping people to do their work better and co-operate with others. Raising the awareness of the big picture and role of everyone in there helps us to concentrate our improvement efforts and achieve more together. How is this done? Visualizing the ways of working, initiating improvement discussions and facilitating Kaizen workshops to eliminate problems and come up with great IT solutions together. But above all - communicating, communicating and communicating."
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Supply chain and sourcing professionals "Supply chain and sourcing professionals enabled mass production and launch capability for devices used all around the world."
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Quality and development professionals "My goal is always to exceed customer expectations and that can be done by improving the ways of working. I have a talent of collecting and analyzing data from several sources and use that data to implement lean quality activities to improve the products and services. Together with teams we build something, which has high value for customers!"
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Software professionals "I breathe software - design, implementation, verification and integration - all of it. I've been coding on multiple layers of the SW stack; from IC related assembly code up to mobile applications. Debugging complex, embedded systems is an everyday task. Once released, my code runs on millions of devices in all seven continents. User feedback gives me valuable insight how my implementation is performing in an real life. Learning new things and tools, and putting them to use, is what I do."
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Hardware professionals "HW and mechanics experts designed high quality products and leading edge technology and created star products with huge commercial success and global reach."
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