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Caravan Studio Oy

A good story leads to more action than any statistics. An authentic story gets the audience to focus and gives them real value. We use documentary storytelling to convert products and services into engaging stories. We help companies and organizations to reach their audience.
Contact person: Tommi Kivimäki
p. +358 44 545 0079


Cuppla Technology

The digitalization of education is growing fast in the classroom, but lacking common tools to support efficient planning and execution of digital teaching and learning. With Cuppla MDM for EDU – Digital Classroom & Mobile Device Management Solution, schools can fully harness the potential of digital education on mobile. Teachers can deliver focused and engaging teaching in a safe and managed digital environment using tablets and smartphones. We at Cuppla are creating seamless digital education of tomorrow!
Contact person: Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara

p. +358 50 486 7441


Dexmen Oy

Dexmen produces DEx, a wizard-like, cloud-based tool for producing visualisation from datasets for print and interactive web. The tool enables users to produce rich data visualizations fast and with ease, ready to be published offline and online with only few clicks, without help from graphic designers or java script programmers.
Contact person: Harri Räisänen

p. +358 50 561 0171



Dtream optimizes challenging constructions for better performing products or concepts. Existing parts and assemblies, constructions for 3D printing or new product developments we help our customers to find the best outcome.
Contact person:

p. +358 50 557 2250


FinGo VIP Ltd

Welcome to Tampere, the best city to live in Finland and innovation hot spot in Europe.

FinGo VIP Ltd is the only high-end tour operator in Tampere Region for Chinese travelers. We create special programs and activities based on our customers’ needs and wishes. We provide high standard accommodation, catering, transportation and personal services. Our purpose is to make our customers happy and give them unforgettable Finnish experiences.
Contact person: Xiaoqing Meng-Pitkänen

p. +358 40 820 7103


Forciot Ltd

FORCIOT LTD is a technology start-up company. We deliver high-quality sensor-based IOT solutions and provide related integration services.
Our revolutionary FORCIOT MEASUREMENT SYSTEM can be integrated in products and equipment to accurately and dynamically measure FORCE, weight, balance and motion in real time.
FORCIOT technology is based on expertise from a highly experienced engineering team flavored with researchers in wearable and elastic electronics from Tampere University of Technology. We have extensive knowledge in sensor technologies, consumer electronics and global business.
Contact person: Maria Alm

p. +358 50 482 0713


Grundium Oy

Grundium builds on strong experience in imaging and location technologies by innovating and developing complete customer specific systems and own products. Key market sectors are industrial machine vision, health and medical.
Business idea is to create products which can be scaled by e.g. manufacturing or licensing and distributed along with customer’s product or individual product.
Contact person: Mika Kuisma


Koodikaverit Oy

Yritys järjestää koodaamiseen perustuvaa harrastustoimintaa lapsille, mm. ohjelmoinnin perusteita, pelisuunnittelua ja Raspberry Pi-ohjelmointia, ohjelmoinnin opettamisen työpajoja alakoulun opettajille sekä kouluttaa koodauksen alkeita aikuisille.
Contact person: Suvi Syrjäläinen

p. +358 40 803 4625


Nordecode Oy

Nordecode provides software service (SaaS) to bring much needed efficiency and automation in residential property management at an affordable price in different markets. Equipped with the appropriate cutting edge technologies, our solution provides the desired user experience and addresses the needs of all customer classes. We are deploying the service in growing market first for monetizing fast.

The approval of Tekes grant lately has provided us the basis to look forward. With the aim to introduce the service in Finland and evolving it with additional HW and SW components with the later releases, we are looking for interested personnel to enrich our team.
Contact person: Miraj Mostafa

p. +358 40 572 9139



Provizanto professionals are ready to help Your company to improve profitability as an extension of Your team. We can optimize Your supply network, find reliable new suppliers and bring You savings by improving Your product cost. We offer our expertise during the whole cycle of Your product - Concepting and Design, Prototyping, Ramp-up and Mass-Production. If You need help with Supply Agreements or Your Supply Network Management Processes, we help You to get in shape for bigger and more demanding customers - we ensure Your supply network is ready for growth.
Contact person: Vesa Hämäläinen

p. +358 40 587 6231


Radientum Oy

Radientum provides antenna design, consultancy and resourcing services, we have the engineers and the tools. We help companies of all sizes to develop their own customized antenna solutions for wireless systems. Our engineers will design any compact antennas but our speciality is NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, GNSS and cellular antennas.
Contact person: Mikko Parkkila

p. +358 50 480 1271


Remiot Oy

Remiot has launched new service called Tilatori for trading of locally produced products and services. We are also offering sw consulting services related to quality assurance, tools / methods and project management.
Contact person: Timo Ruohonen

p. +358 40 803 2817



Softagram is a software visualization system. It makes software easily understandable by generating interactive live model of the codebase. Softagram desktop application presents software structure and dependencies in graphical, map – like format.
Softagram is the Columbus of the software world, it puts software on the map!
Contact person: Matti Pisilä
p. +358 40 547 4636


Steamlane Oy

Steamlane provides analytics for education institutes to support knowledge-based performance management.
We refine the school data to new information which helps to make better decisions and correct actions to reach the goals in education.
Our solution consists of visual dashboards, analytics and predictions and tools for managing actions.
Contact person: Ari Karppinen

p. +358 50 541 0775


Suunnittelu Särmä

Suunnittelu Särmä is the easiest and the most adaptive way to make the mechanics of a product. We provide a turnkey service for mechanics projects by one single contact with the top professionals.
Contact person: Ari Peltolehto

p. +358 40 582 52425


Taisto Group Oy

Taisto Guitars - Customized guitars which sound and look good on you!
Contact person: Taisto Heinonen

p. +358 40 551 2569


Time2LeanOn Oy

Time2LeanOn tuo tehokkailla fasilitointimenetelmillä nopean ongelmanratkaisun ja jatkuvan toiminnankehityksen jokaisen yrityksen ulottuville. Käytämme erityisesti Lean, Kaizen ja visualisointimenetelmiä.
Contact person: Minna Onnela

p. +358 40 803 3037



People can act only on visible things! The problem in sport performance analysis is that all the movement is created by force and force is invisible.
Trainesense SmartPaddle is a powermeter for swimming. It makes the power visible and actionable in normal training environment. Trainesense Analysis Center will store the data and help users to understand more about the power in swimming by comparing, sharing and discussing.
Contact person: Riku Rimpelä

p. +358 50 557 2273


UnSeen Technologies Oy

UnSeen Technologies improves other companies’ business by helping them to test new ideas and technologies very quickly. Getting a new idea into production could mean more sales, breed new products, improve customer service or just squeeze non-productive work out from the processes.

UnSeen LabsTM is good way to start. It’s an agile method to build customer and technology experiments at low cost and risk. In 7 days, you get a proof-of-concept to test in real world and learn without huge investments in time and money.

In tech terms we Create cloud services, analytics and mobile applications Fix wireless network problems and create connections Connect devices and sensors to internet and help to make best out of the data Productize tech concepts to everyday use

With UnSeen, you’ll get an access to exceptionally wide talent base with over 15 years’ experience in high technology. We are interested in building partnerships in technology and productization areas.
Contact person: Esa Alanen

p. +358 50 487 4092


Verkotan Oy

Over The Air radio performance testing and analysis services. Verkotan Ltd. is a fresh and agile test and consulting company offering accredited and tailored R&D; test services with flexibility and speed matching to our customers’ needs.
Contact person: Pertti Mäkikyrö

p. +358 40 557 3078